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Sangla Tira Makati Malabon

Are you looking for a way to invest your hard earned money? In that case Sangla Tira is one of the option. Well you are reading the right post then because I will be talking about investing money in sangla tira . I apologize this post will be tagged as tagalog-english (tag-lish). Why? If you are a Filipino, you know why, if not then bear with it ^_^.



Is derived from two word which is SANGLA and TIRA

Sangla, means to pawn or to mortgage
Example: Please pawn my ring. Paki sanla ang singsing ko.

mortgagemortgage n. 1 a claim on property given to a person who has loaned money in case the money is not re- paid when due: sangla, sanla 2 a state or condition of being pledged as security for a debt: pagkakasangla 3 the act of mortgaging: pagsasangla 4 monthly payment made on prop- erty bought: sangla · v. to give a lender a claim to ones property in case a debt is not paid when due: magsangla, isangla


Tira, means residing or dwelling
Exmaple: I reside in 38th street new york, Cubao.

In short you pawn your house or your property in a certain amount, I will reside in it.
This is a temporary agreement. It depends how long the owner plans to pawn the house or property, usually one year is the shortest.



Pawn your house for P200,000.00, I will pay you the amount, we will have an agreement as to when you will redeem the property. Let's say you want to redeem it in two years. In this case I will reside in your property for two years or until you redeem it to me.



Why sangla tira? because it more practical and cheaper compare to renting a house. Take me as an example. I work in Eastwood, Libis Quezon City, before I live at Malabon (around 1 hour and 30 minutes away) of course the travel is very stressful and the fare is P70 back and forth so approximately P1400 a month. So I will relocate to Makati (20 minutes away from Eastwood via C5 road) In Makati you can rent a descent house, when I say descent it should be good for 3 person, with rest room, inside the house, which is rare. House rent in Makati will cost you P5,000.00 a month (cheapest, location might not be good) plus the water and electricity bill.


Sangla Tira is for everybody. Specially for famies that are renting right now. Again, instead of renting 5,000.00 a month, and may your land lord rich, save as much as you can or loan for sangla tira. The beauty of this is, the money that you will pay for sangla tira will go back to you after the owner redeems that house and instead of paying monthly your rent is FREE.


I don't have enough to do sangla tira because the chepest sangla tira around is 30,000.00-50,000.00. I'm a family man, I work in a call center, my wife doesn't work for a living. So instead of sangla tira we rent a house in makati for 5,000.00 a month (rest room is outside the house). Anyway I want sangla tira cause this is smarter than renting, after 6 months. What did I do? I loan P30,000.000 from the bank then add our P20,000.000 savings and wallah! Sangla tira in makati near University of Makati (UsMak). I know! Like I said you cant expect anything from a 50,000.000 sangla tira house, right? So its in a slum area but the good thing is, there is a rest room inside the house (which is my wife primary requirement), and I don't have to pay monthly rent so we are able to save more. Good job!

If you have P100,000.000 go with sangla tira. Look for a sangla tira agent in Makati, Malabon or text my wife 09215745051 we will look for a house, property that is in the pawn list. We can help you out, looking for the best house that you can go with sangla tira.


Why did I post Sangla Tira Makati Malabon? Because that is my domain and not only that, it's thriving in this places. We lived in Cubao before and we did not see any sangla tira, checking the internet I found out that there are sangla tira in Caloocan, Taguig, Pasig. I can safely say that sangla tira is everywhere in the philippines. What my wife does sometimes is to ask a home owner if they want to pawn their house, sometimes we get a yes answer, so some might not post their house as sangla tira but they are ready to pawn it, so if the price is right, and there is a need, then I'm sure youll get it as sangla tira.

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